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After nearly three decades of experience in luxury fashion, Verso has become a well-established name in Antwerp.

What started out as a men’s boutique a couple of blocks away has now rooted itself into a unique concept store in a beautifully restored 16th century mansion. When they moved from the Huidevetterstraat to the Lange Gasthuisstraat, Verso took the opportunity to integrate a new women department.

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Knokke Men

In 2018, Verso decided to broaden their horizon and explore the seaside: Verso Knokke was born. Verso Knokke is the latest addition to the (verso) family. After its success in Antwerp, the Dheedene family decided verso should branch out to the seaside. To many people from Antwerp, Knokke is their second home.

With a collection of menswear only, it aims to captivate the essence of both the residents and local tourists of Knokke.

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Knokke women

Verso Knokke Women is a spin-off of the renowned and one of a kind multibrand concept boutique Verso Antwerp. The store, offering a wide-range of designer collections, is located in Knokke, the equivalent of Saint-Tropez at the Belgian coast. 'Het Zoute' is known for its luxurious seaside residences, art galleries and high-end boutiques like Hermès, Rolex, Delvaux, Louis Vuitton etc. In the summertime the city really comes to life through fashion, art and design, making it one of the best places to go to. People from all over the country and abroad choose Knokke as their favorite close to home get-away destination to spend their leisure time.

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